segunda-feira, maio 23, 2022

Gripen para o Brasil

‘Desafio Poder Aéreo’ 59


Alexandre Galante
Jornalista, designer, fotógrafo e piloto virtual -

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Franco Ferreira

XF-88 SEM CERTEZA – Vou verificar!

Franco Ferreira

Com certeza – XF-90. Da mesma competição para aquisição. The Lockheed XF-90 was built to meet a USAF requirement for a long-range penetration fighter (along with the McDonnell XF-88 and North American YF-93A). Developed by Clarence L. (Kelly) Johnson’s Lockheed fighter team, known in later years as the ‘Skunk Works’, the XF-90 combined swept-wing technology with the experience gained in producing the straight-wing F-80 Shooting Star. It was intended as an almost-all-purpose fighter, capable of handling the ground-attack role in addition to its prime task of escorting bombers deep into Soviet airspace. The two prototypes were to be tested in… Read more »

Roberto F Santana

É Franco,
Isso aqui deveria mudar de nome…

“Desafio Poder Aéreo Quem Acorda Mais Cedo no Domingo”

Bom domingo!


kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mauricio R.


…mas nem tanto!!!

Aonde a FAB se encontra c/ a RAF, o Gloster Meteor T-7:

“Used by the UK Royal Air Force from 1949 while registered as WA591, Meteor G-BWMF completed its latest delivery flight from Kemble, Gloucestershire on 5 July. This followed the aircraft’s return to the air on 14 June – the first time that it had been flown since 1965.”


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